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CARL ROHRS is a lettering artist and signpainter in Santa Cruz CA since 1977. Teacher of Lettering & Typography and Graphic Design at Cabrillo College since 1984. Workshops and conferences since 1986 in US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and South Africa. Editor of Alphabet, the journal of the Friends of Calligraphy 1989-1992 and currently doing that again. Hobbies include typographic errors and getting paint on good clothes, but is managing to keep the splashing of ink on students to a minimum.


Says Carl, “Around here, it is virtually always the first thing that has been grabbed for any project. There is a flowing freedom about it that just can’t be felt with any other tool. With a pointed brush, we have stroke shape that a pen or flat brush can’t even think about, and there is the spectacular advantage of displaying the texture of the paper only available to those who use brushes.

“We’ll start with perpendicular strokes, but we’ll definitely go on beyond that flat-headed mark to the sharp swelling and feathery beauty of parallel strokes with vertical pressure which is the key to making your lettering look like its tool and unlike any other kind of calligraphy. Only two moves, but combined with variations of rhythm, speed, pressure, kinds of brushes and papers, mood and color, a lifetime of unlimited expression awaits.”

The cost is $75.00 for members, $100.00 for non-members (that includes membership through August 31, 2017). Workshop will be at Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church, 9124 Sappington Rd (at Eddie & Park), 63123. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm All levels of experience with brush lettering are welcome.

Workshop Chair email: nancygrable@charter.net. Send your check, payable to STL Calligraphy Guild, to: Barb Reed, Treasurer, 5733 Lindenwood, STL MO 63109

Supply List: Basic supplies
Pentel Color Brush, plus (optional) any other brushes you want to try.
Paper – Bring what you like and already have to see how the brush likes it.
Strathmore Charcoal 300 Series (yellow cover) for pointed brush is great.
Optional: Pro-White or Dr. Martin’s Bleedproof White and/or light or bright
colors of gouache and colored paper if you wish to write in reverse.
Pencil and/or a couple of colored pencils (Prismacolors are the best).
Ruler, any kind of flat palette, small water jar, and a rag or paper towels
Optional: Any kind of ruling pen.

All skill levels. Basic calligraphy experience recommended. Contemporary objective:
Introduction to or refinement of modern flat pen and brush techniques in relation to Uncial- style lettering. Uncial may be the style least likely to be voted Most Contempo. We’ll spend our time dragging it from the 4 th Century into the 21 st . Because Uncial is the letterform that stands squarely between capitals and minuscules, the possibilities for modern stylistic interpretations are multiplied drastically when combined with modern pen and brush techniques, influences from other lettering styles and the impact of 20 th Century Uncial type designs. You’ll get the chance to create your own unique hybrids. The possibilities are unlimited for making uncials work for us today. The pen and brush techniques will also change
the way you use these tools in any calligraphic style. The extensive workbooks will also include a large section on modern Rustic interpretations.

The cost is $100.00 for members, $125.00 for non-members (that includes membership through August 31, 2017). Workshop will be at Cor Jesu Academy, 10230 Gravois Road, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Supply List: Basic supplies (nibs, brushes, etc.)
BEST pen to have: Folded brass FLAT pen, 1/4”, 5/16”, or 3/8” Horizon or similar (Coit, Hiro) OR 2 nd BEST: Pilot Parallel pen, 6mm.
Plus any other pens you already have. If you like Automatics, bring one along, but they are very different from a folded pen.
Flat brush, 1/2” W/N 995, plus any other brushes you already have
Non-waterproof ink (even if you’re using a Parallel Pen, we want to dip them): Higgins Eternal, Higgins Sepia Calligraphy (Not Higgins Calligraphy), Walnut, Noodlers, Pelikan 4005, Private Reserve, etc.
A tube or two of gouache (best colors W/N Indigo or Prussian Blue)
Any large paper with a bit of texture – Strathmore Charcoal 300 Series (yellow cover) 12×18 or larger is great for pen and brush, or Diploma Parchment or Gilbert Cond.
Optional: Pro-White or Dr. Martin’s Bleeddproof White and/or light or bright colors of gouache and colored paper if you wish to write in reverse. Canson, Ingres, or other laid surface charcoal suggested.
Pencil and/or a couple of colored pencils (Prismacoiors are the best).


LOCAL CLASSES with Leslie Barnes, Cheryl Tefft & Joanne Kluba


“Mastering Calligraphy” will be taught through Meramec Continuing Education on Mondays 9/14 – 11/2/2015 from 7:00 to 9:30 PM.  This class will study Chancery Cursive (also known as Italic).  You may study other hands during this class; we will work on your particular area of study as I work with students in the class.  Contact Leslie at 314-704-3656 or lesliecee@sbcglobal.net



Classes taught by Cheryl Tefft in 2017

For more information about any of Cheryl’s classes or tutoring, to register for any of the following classes (except Parkway classes), or to be placed on a private email notification list for all of Cheryl’s upcoming classes, please contact her at calligraphics@yahoo.com or 636-441-7225.

Cheryl teaches a wide variety of calligraphy classes, starting with a basic course sequence which gives complete beginners a strong foundation in various styles and aspects of calligraphy. It includes four courses taken in the following order:
1. Beginning Calligraphy I (uncial)
2. Beginning Calligraphy II (italic)
3. Mastering Dip Pens
4. Beginning Copperplate

DETAILS on individual courses:

For complete beginners– Beginning Calligraphy I: If you have little or no previous experience studying calligraphy, here’s where to start. Wednesday evenings beginning January 25, through the Parkway-Rockwood Community Education department.
Click here for registration or more info

(Note: Parkway just calls this class “Beginning Calligraphy.”) This class is usually offered in January, June, and September, at a minimum.

For all classes EXCEPT
Beginning Calligraphy I class at Parkway
(for that one, see the link given in the course description):

Registration: Contact instructor, Cheryl Tefft
( calligraphics@yahoo.com or 636-441-7225)

Location: All classes held at either
(1) Salem United Methodist Church (1200 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63131) or (2) St. Louis County Library, Headquarters (1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63131). Both are close to Hwy 40 and Lindbergh Blvd. intersection, in the Ladue area.

Time: All classes listed run from 6:30-8:30 p.m. (Note: All dates are for 2017.)

Prerequisites: As listed with course description,
OR equivalent experience, with instructor approval

Supplies: Supply list provided for each class


Continuing beginners

Beginning Calligraphy II (italic): (course #2 in beginner sequence) Focuses on the italic lettering style. This is one of the most beautiful and versatile styles used today, which is especially popular for addressing envelopes. Prerequisite: Beginning Calligraphy I. Thursdays starting January 5 (9 weeks). Fee: $185/student (NOTE: This class is currently scheduled to run again beginning May 18 [Session 2] and September 21 [Session 3].)

Mastering Dip Pens: (course #3 in beginner sequence) Helps students transition from using markers/cartridge pens to using dip pens, the favored tools of professional calligraphers. This is a necessary step for students who want to do calligraphy using metallic inks and/or continue on to learn copperplate, Spencerian, or “modern calligraphy.” (This course covers broad-edge dip pens; pointed pen use is covered in the next course, Beginning Copperplate.) Prerequisite: Beginning Calligraphy II. Tentatively scheduled next for Tuesdays starting August 22 (6 weeks). Fee: $125/student.

Beginning Copperplate: (final course [#4] in beginner sequence) Introduces students to the pointed pen, and the traditional script lettering style commonly known as copperplate (a.k.a. English roundhand). Variations of this style are quite often used for wedding invitations, and are also the basis for “modern calligraphy” styles. Prerequisite: Mastering Dip Pens. Tuesdays starting February 14 (8 weeks). Fee: $165.00/student (Note: Tentatively scheduled to run again on Tuesdays starting October 3.)

Additional classes beyond the basic beginner sequence:

Blackletter Basics (Gothic): This bold, classic Germanic lettering style (Old English and Fraktur are two of its variations) has long been a favorite for text on diplomas, and is now experiencing fresh popularity as a featured style for tattoos and graffiti. Prerequisite: Beginning Calligraphy I at least; Beginning Calligraphy II suggested. Wednesdays beginning April 5 (5 weeks). Fee: $105.00/student.

Continuing Copperplate: This class is for those who have already learned the basics of copperplate (including a certain comfort level with the use of the pointed pen) and would like to develop this classic script style further and learn some of the many variations of it, ranging from formal and traditional to more contemporary, including a taste of what’s sometimes known as “modern calligraphy.” Prerequisite: Mastering Dip Pens and Beginning Copperplate. Tuesdays beginning April 11 (6 weeks). Fee: $125.00/student

Spencerian: This graceful, airy, and legible style looks like a very fancy form of cursive, with dramatic capitals. Prerequisite: Mastering Dip Pens and Beginning Copperplate. (Note: Students should already be familiar with use of the pointed pen.) Tuesdays beginning May 23 (6 weeks). Fee: $125.00/student

Flourishing: Covers flourishing with both broad-edge and pointed pens, both flourishing that is attached to letters (for example: double letters, ascenders/descenders) and stand-alone flourishes. Lessons will include scrolls, plumes, floral/botanical enhancements, cadels, and the intricate designs known as Dutch caps. Prerequisite: Beginning Calligraphy II, Mastering Dip Pens, and Beginning Copperplate. Tuesdays beginning July 11 (6 weeks). Fee: $125.00/student

Layout & Design for Calligraphy: What’s the best way to present your chosen text as a finished piece, starting with a blank page? This class addresses the principles of artistic layout and design, while covering special calligraphy design considerations such as lettering on a circle, spiral, or other curve. We will be working on longer and more complex pieces in this class. Prerequisite: Beginning Calligraphy II. Wednesdays beginning May 10 (4 weeks). Fee: $90.00/student

The Decorated Letter classes (part 1 and part 2): These are FUN classes which require a minimum of previous calligraphy experience. They cover an EXTENSIVE variety of generally easy decorative techniques to enhance calligraphy projects. These classes focus more on simplified drawing/painting than on lettering. The techniques will be a mix between those which are specific to calligraphy/lettering, and those which can be used with other types of graphic arts creations as well (borders, for example). NOTE: The two Decorated Letter classes (part 1 and part 2) each cover a different set of techniques/styles, with a minimum of overlap.

The Decorated Letter (part 1): (see notes just above) Covers a variety of decorative techniques, including drop shadows, borders, stand-alone ornaments, two-tone letters, double-stroke letters, leaf-and-vine designs, Lombardic capitals, Celtic knotwork, Sickels lettering style (a simple blocky style), traditional white vine, Ottonian capitals, and at least 8 different versions of the decorated capitals many students remember fondly from instructor’s beginner classes. Prerequisite: Beginning Calligraphy I (or any other calligraphy classes or self-study). Thursdays starting March 9 (10 weeks). Fee: $205.00/student

The Decorated Letter (part 2): (see notes just above about both Decorated Letter classes) Covers a variety of decorative techniques to enhance calligraphy projects, including blind embossing, acanthus leaves, filigree, Gothic/Romanesque/Renaissance decorative styles for capitals and borders, diaper patterns, masking fluid, and several contemporary decorated letter techniques/ lettering styles. Prerequisite: Beginning Calligraphy I (or any other calligraphy classes or self-study). NOTE: The Decorated Letter (part 1) is NOT a prerequisite for part 2. Thursdays beginning July 20 (9 weeks). Fee: $185.00/student


1) All of instructor’s current classes are designed for adults or mature adolescents. She teaches children by private arrangement. Left-handers are welcome in all courses!
2) If you are not ready to enroll in a class now but are interested in instructor’s future classes, contact her at calligraphics@yahoo.com to be placed on a private class notification list; you will be notified by email of details on all upcoming classes.
3) Private tutoring for individuals or small groups is available by appointment, addressing any topic covered in instructor’s classes.
4) A single-session Introduction to Calligraphy class (the equivalent of an art appreciation class for calligraphy) is available for presentation to interested groups.


Cheryl has been a full-time professional calligrapher for over 20 years, specializing in wedding calligraphy (particularly in copperplate), and in traditional illuminated one-of-a-kind proclamations and other formal documents. Her work can be seen at www.facebook.com/Calligraphics1 and in various issues of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, among other publications. She can be reached at calligraphics@yahoo.com or 636-441-7225.

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