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Rob Leuschke is an  internationally known lettering artist and graphic designer.  He has numerous well-established clients such as Anheuser-Busch, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, A G Edwards, Proctor & Gamble and many others.  He also considers himself fortunate to have dozens of typefaces marketed internationally.  He’s a St. Louis native and taught Pen to Polish at the 2004 Intl. Calligraphy Conference here in St. Louis.     www.typesetit.com

The Pen to Polish workshop caters to individuals with intermediate to advanced lettering skills but who may have little experience in applying those abilities in  the commercial realm.  The main objective for each participant will be to help them become familiar with the needs and requirements of clients who use commercial lettering designs.   We will (1) review samples from a number of sources on a variety of products, (2) develop a free style that is expressive and unique to that individual , (3) see demonstration of how to bring the raw lettering to a more “polished” reproducible work, (4) participants will create designs using tools both familiar and unfamiliar and then begin the process of “polishing” the design, and (5) discuss specific client/artist situations and ways to better represent  yourself to clients. 

Supply List:  BLACK INKS, tracing paper (vellum preferred), cold-press Strathmore or Arches watercolor paper, bond paper, sketch paper, FELT-TIPPED PENS (especially Micron), . Flat-nibbed calligraphy pens, pointed pens, oblique pens, ruling pens, turkey feather, popsickle sticks, tooth brushes.  TECHNICAL PENS (Rapidiograph or similar)(especially Micron), rubber cement, X-acto blades, T-squares, rulers, and similar tools to do cut and paste work. 

Rob will be teaching and lecturing in Germany this spring.  It’s been some time since he taught this workshop, so he is offering it to Guild members for the nominal fee of $10/$35 for non-members, to refresh and hone his skills.  Workshop is limited to 20.
Workshop will be at Cor Jesu, 10230 Gravois Road, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.   Mail your reservation with check, payable to St. Louis Calligraphy Guild, to Barb Reed, Treasurer, 5733 Lindenwood,       STL MO 63109


Sherrie Lovler learned calligraphy in high school and has continued studying and advancing her art since then.  Her two most important teachers have been Hermann Zapf who taught her about precision and Dick Beasley who taught her about freedom.   She has been teaching for over 30 years, including classes at Int’l Calligraphy Conferences, Ghost Ranch, LaRomita School of Art in Italy and Sonoma Valley Museum of Art.  Her work has been published in The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering, Letter Arts Review annual juried issues, Bound and Lettered, and many other books and journals.  Her work can be seen at www.artandpoetry.com

Lessons on the elements and principles of design will be woven into the fabric of this workshop, so even those with no formal art training can learn this process of using familiar letter styles as a portal into the exciting world of artistic expression.

The marks we make doing calligraphy can be strong, fluid, sensuous, and downright  yummy.  Each lettering style has a distinct personality that creates a unique mood.  In this class we will explore the different traits and general structures of pointed brush lettering, Roman capitals and Neuland to gather the essence of each style to develop abstract paintings based on calligraphic form.

We will not actually be creating letters but use the shapes as our guides and inspiration.  Working with various tools, gestures, our senses and intuition, we will discover the marks that spontaneously arise within us in relation to each lettering style.  We will then use these marks to make complete works of art and a book that each participant will make.


There will be a $15 materials fee.

Supply List:  

2 sheets of black Canson or Strathmore

6 sheets of Arches Text Wove  20″x25″

Pad of newsprint paper 18″x24″ 50 sheets – share with another

Flat brush 1″ wide

Pointed brushes, variety of sizes

Large brush: 2″ wide or more, natural bristle, or foam brushes (like house painting brushes) or foam brushes

Mixing brushes.  Cheap, synthetic (white nylon) #4 or 5 round, e.g, Loew Cornell #795 round

Favorite pens – the larger the better

Moon Palace Sumi ink

Walnut ink

At least 2 tubes of complementary colors (blue and orange, or red and green, or purple and yellow), either gouache or watercolor.  Plus black gouache (ivory or jet) and white gouache.  Recommended brands:  Windsor & Newton or M Graham & Co.

2 L-shape corners made out of mat board or other heavy cardboard that are 2-1/4″ wide and each leg 12″ long or longer

Breakable utility knife + cutting surface, metal ruler, scissors, palettes (at least 2 with 10 wells), water containers, notebook and pen for notes, 2B pencil and sharpener, glue stick, blue painter’s or masking tape.  Optional:  color pencils, pan pastels or NuPastels


Workshop will be held at Cor Jesu Academy,  10230 Gravois, 63123.  9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Cost is $150 for members, $175 for non-members (includes membership through 8/31/18).  Make checks payable to St. Louis Calligraphy Guild and mail to Barb Reed, Treasurer, 5733 Lindenwood, STL 63109






“Mastering Calligraphy” will be taught through Meramec Continuing Education on Mondays 9/14 – 11/2/2015 from 7:00 to 9:30 PM.  This class will study Chancery Cursive (also known as Italic).  You may study other hands during this class; we will work on your particular area of study as I work with students in the class.  Contact Leslie at 314-704-3656 or lesliecee@sbcglobal.net



Cheryl teaches a wide variety of calligraphy classes, starting with a beginner course sequence which gives complete beginners a strong foundation in calligraphy, covering a variety of lettering styles and tools and techniques. It includes four courses taken in the following order:

1. Beginning Calligraphy I (uncial)
2. Beginning Calligraphy II (italic)
3. Mastering Dip Pens
4. Beginning Copperplate

For all classes taught by Cheryl Tefft (except Parkway classes—use link provided for those):
Location: Salem United Methodist Church (1200 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63131);
To register or ask questions: Contact instructor: calligraphics@yahoo.com or 636-441-7225

Beginner sequence classes

Cheryl Tefft Beginning Calligraphy1. Beginning Calligraphy I (uncial):
If you have little or no previous experience studying calligraphy, here’s where to start. This class focuses on giving novice students an understanding of the principles of calligraphy, while studying the uncial (Celtic) lettering style—one of the easiest styles to learn. NO previous experience or good handwriting required. Lefties welcome. Fee includes most essential supplies. Registration closes one week before class begins.

Next DAYTIME session: Mondays starting January 8, 2018 (9 weeks), noon-2 p.m. Fee: $245/student. (Held at Salem United Methodist Church; contact instructor for registration/info)

Next EVENING session: Wednesdays starting January 24, 2018 (9 weeks), 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Parkway Northeast Middle School; for registration/info, go to: https://prcommunityed.ce.eleyo.com/course/4600/2017-18-school-year/beginning-calligraphy (NOTE: another evening session of this class will begin in June)

Cheryl Tefft Beginning Calligraphy II2. Beginning Calligraphy II (italic)
Focuses on the italic lettering style. This is one of the most beautiful and versatile styles used today, which is especially popular for addressing envelopes.

Prerequisite: Beginning Calligraphy I (or equivalent experience)Fee: $180/student
: Same supplies as Beginning Calligraphy I
Next EVENING session:
Wednesdays starting March 28, 2018 (7 weeks), 6:30-8:30 p.m. (NOTE: another evening session of this class will begin in August)
Next DAYTIME session:
Mondays starting March 19, 2018 (7 weeks), noon-2 p.m.

3. Mastering Dip Pens
Have you puzzled over how experienced calligraphers use those tricky dip pens with ease? This class will help you transition from markers/cartridge pens to the versatility and precision of dip pens. Note: This class doesn’t use pointed pens, but it prepares students to do so (both the Beginning Copperplate and the Modern Calligraphy classes will concentrate on use of the pointed pen).

Prerequisite: Beginning Calligraphy II (or equivalent experience)
: $155/student
: Supply list provided
Next EVENING session:
Tuesdays starting February 6, 2018 (6 weeks), 6:30-8:30 p.m. (NOTE: another evening session of this class will begin in September)
Next DAYTIME session:
Mondays starting May 14, 2018 (6 weeks), noon-2 p.m.

4Cheryl Tefft Beginning Copperplate-Killian Tormey return address, LR, modified and with copyright. Beginning Copperplate:
Would you like to learn traditional copperplate script (a.k.a. English Roundhand) and the use of the pointed pen? Copperplate is the basis for many script typefaces, including the looser, more contemporary variations known as modern calligraphy, and is by far the most popular style for weddings. Instructor suggests taking this class before her Modern Calligraphy class.

Prerequisite: Beginning Calligraphy II and Mastering Dip Pens (or equivalent experience)
: $205/student
: Supply list provided
Next EVENING session:
Tuesdays starting March 20, 2018 (8 weeks), 6:30-8:30 p.m. (NOTE: another evening session of this class will begin in October)
Next DAYTIME session:
Mondays starting July 9, 2018 (8 weeks), noon-2 p.m.

Classes outside beginner sequence

Modern Calligraphy: Finally, the class so many people are requesting! Have you been admiring some of the more contemporary script calligraphy styles which are so popular on the internet right now, especially for weddings? Here’s your chance to learn not only how to do some of those styles, but to create your own individual version of them! NO previous experience is required, although previous pointed pen study is most helpful. TWO OPTIONS with Modern Calligraphy class:

OPTION 1 for Modern Calligraphy: If you are a beginner and/or have little or no previous experience with pointed pen, then you get a 6-week class (one week longer than for the Option 2 students), starting with a lesson to get you up and running in the use of these tools. Also, most of your supplies will be provided for you. While you may find this topic easier if you have been through the beginner course sequence first, not everyone has the opportunity or desire to go that route. If you wish to go directly to learning this style of lettering, here’s your chance!

Prerequisite: NONE
: Most are provided for you; a short list of very basic items to bring will be sent to you
: Saturdays beginning January 20, 2018 (6 weeks), noon-2 p.m. (NOTE: Another session of this class is scheduled for Thursday evenings starting on May 31)
: $220/student; registration closes January 13

OPTION 2 for Modern Calligraphy: If you already have some experience with the pointed pen, you will get a 5-week class (starting one week later than the beginners), and you will probably have most or all of the supplies already, so those won’t be included in your class fee. Your fee for this course is lower than the one for the beginners in Option 1 because of these two factors. 

Prerequisite: Beginning Copperplate, or some familiarity with using the pointed pen
: Supply list will be sent to you
: Saturdays beginning January 27, 2018 (5 weeks), noon-2 p.m. (NOTE: Another session of this class is scheduled for Thursday evenings starting on June 7)
: $130/student

The Decorated Letter (part 1): This is a FUN class—many students’ favorite class!—which requires minimal previous calligraphy experience. It covers an EXTENSIVE variety of generally easy decorative techniques to enhance calligraphy projects, including drop shadows, borders, stand-alone ornaments, two-tone letters, double-stroke letters, leaf-and-vine designs, Lombardic capitals, Celtic knots, Sickels lettering style (a simple blocky style), traditional white vine, Ottonian capitals, and at least 8 different versions of the decorated capitals many students remember fondly from instructor’s beginner classes.

Prerequisite: Any calligraphy classes or self-study, OR a strong art background
: Supply list will be sent to you
: Thursdays starting January 4 (10 weeks), 6:30-8:30 p.m.
: $255/student

Pointed Pen Play I and Pointed Pen Play II (each is a six-hour one-day class): You might have been told that certain lettering styles are always done with a broad-edge pen, and others are always done with a pointed pen. These classes turn that “rule” inside out! In Pointed Pen Play I we will study variations of uncial and blackletter which are actually created with the pointed pen. In Pointed Pen Play II we will do likewise with italic, and will also study a unique contemporary variation of copperplate.

Supplies: Supply list provided
: $85/student for each class ($170 for both classes)

Prerequisite for Pointed Pen Play I: Beginning Calligraphy I (uncial), Blackletter Basics, AND either Beginning Copperplate OR Modern Calligraphy (or equivalent experience)

Prerequisite for Pointed Pen Play II: Beginning Calligraphy II (italic) AND either Beginning Copperplate OR Modern Calligraphy (or equivalent experience)

Pointed Pen Play I: Saturday, March 24, 2018, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Pointed Pen Play II: Saturday, March 31, 2018, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Blackletter Basics (Gothic): This bold, classic Germanic lettering style (Old English and Fraktur are two of its variations) has long been a favorite for text on diplomas, and it is now experiencing fresh popularity as a featured style for tattoos and graffiti. It is one of the simpler styles to learn in its basic form, with the potential for interesting and highly dramatic variations as you become more comfortable with it.

Prerequisite: Beginning Calligraphy I or II (or equivalent experience)
: Supply list provided; similar supplies as for Beginning Calligraphy I or II
: Thursdays starting April 5, 2018 (5 weeks; no class 4/19), 6:30-8:30 p.m.
: $130/student

Artistic Envelopes: Would you like to get a better handle on using calligraphy for envelopes, and have more fun with it? This class will help de-mystify the process of creating beautifully addressed envelopes, using whatever calligraphy styles you have already learned. We will discuss issues such as centering, working on dark envelopes, interlinear spacing, and addressing etiquette. We will also cover a variety of fun and easy techniques for dressing up your envelopes—want to add some sparkle?

Prerequisite: Familiarity with at least one calligraphy style
: Supply list will be sent to you
: Saturday, May 12, 2018, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (class will run again in November)
: $85/student

Continuing Copperplate: This class is for those who have already learned the basics of copperplate (including a certain comfort level with the use of the pointed pen) and would like to develop this classic script style further and learn some of the many variations of it. NOTE: This class concentrates on the more formal/traditional variations. For the more playful/contemporary variations, see the Modern Calligraphy class.  

Prerequisite: Beginning Copperplate (or equivalent experience)
: Similar supply list as for Beginning Copperplate class (available on request)
: Tuesdays starting May 15, 2018 (3 weeks), 6:30-8:30 p.m.
: $80/student

Additional classes scheduled for later in 2018: Spencerian, Flourishing, The Decorated Letter (part 2), Writing in the Round, Ink Alchemy, Celtic Knots Unraveled, and Monoline Magic.

Private tutoring for individuals or small groups is available by appointment.

For more information about any of Cheryl’s classes or tutoring, to register for any of the classes (except Parkway classes), or to be placed on a private email notification list for updates on Cheryl’s upcoming classes, please contact her at calligraphics@yahoo.com or 636-441-7225. All classes (except Parkway classes) are held at Salem United Methodist Church (1200 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63131).

Cheryl Tefft has been a full-time professional calligrapher for 25 years, specializing in wedding calligraphy (particularly in copperplate), and in traditional illuminated one-of-a-kind proclamations and other formal documents. Her work can be seen at www.facebook.com/Calligraphics1 and in various issues of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.

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