Basic Supply List

Have you ever wondered what to bring when it’s said “bring the usual workshop supplies”?

Well, the Board tackled that list and hope you find this helpful, it’s not exhaustive, and you will often have to purchase other things for specific workshops, but it’s a start on the basics.

“Essentials/Everything” list

•tool box
•paper towels
•Bond, Grid , and/or Layout paper
•pencil sharpener
•white vinyl eraser
•black small mm marker
•ruler (an 18″ metal is nice to have)
•nib holder(s)
•variety of nibs (eg: Mitchell , Brause, Speedball)
•pointed nibs (Nikko G, EF66 as examples)
•practice ink (Higgins Eternal, Sumi, Walnut)
•water bottle
•water container
•mixing tray
•loading paint brush
•gouache and/ or watercolor
•exacto knife and # 11 blades
•bone folder
•glue stick
•masking tape

Nice to have and useful (not always essential )
•cutting mat
•colored pencils
•variety of brushes (#2 pointed, flat brush 1/4 or 1/2)
*a large flat brush to lay a wash
•ruling pen
•ruling writer
*butterfly pens